The CoNexus Team

Meet the Team of Professionals that are CoNexusCPA

Our team of CPAs, accountants and tax preparers work tirelessly throughout the year to make certain that your business and personal tax affairs are in order. They earn your trust by listening first then taking action to ensure that each item is thoroughly addressed and no opportunity is left unturned.

Katie Dillon, CPA
Katie Dillon, CPAPartner
Ron Farmer, CPA
Ron Farmer, CPAPartner
Nancy Gault, CPA, CVA
Nancy Gault, CPA, CVAPartner
Jeff Horsley, CPA
Jeff Horsley, CPAPartner
David Mobley, CPA
David Mobley, CPAPartner
Kim Roddy, CPA, CVA
Kim Roddy, CPA, CVAPartner
Tim Whittemore, CPA
Tim Whittemore, CPAPartner
Lanette Conley Shaw
Lanette Conley ShawManager
Ann H Smith, EA
Ann H Smith, EAManager
Jennifer Watson, CPA
Jennifer Watson, CPAManager
Tom Kuhlmann, CPA
Tom Kuhlmann, CPAManager
Cathy Mobley, CPA
Cathy Mobley, CPAManager
Christine M. Barron, CPA
Christine M. Barron, CPAManager
Mihaela I. Sima, CPA, CVA
Mihaela I. Sima, CPA, CVAManager
Lisa B. Franz, CPA
Lisa B. Franz, CPAManager
Cloe Richelle, CPA, JD
Cloe Richelle, CPA, JDManager
Andrea Joseph, CPA
Andrea Joseph, CPAManager
Justin Wilbanks, CPA
Justin Wilbanks, CPASenior Accountant
B. Jadine Tuitt
B. Jadine TuittSenior Accountant
Brittney Williams
Brittney WilliamsStaff Accountant
Dominick Verdi, CPA
Dominick Verdi, CPATax Manager
Andrew Moore, CPA
Andrew Moore, CPATax Director
Rodney Meadows
Rodney MeadowsStaff Accountant
Selma Giddens
Selma GiddensSenior Support Professional
Stephanie Andrews
Stephanie AndrewsClient Service Manager
Racheal Herrera
Racheal HerreraClient Service Manager
Betsy Williams
Betsy WilliamsOffice and Client Service Manager
Erica Tobias
Erica TobiasClient Service Manager
Kathy Wharton
Kathy WhartonClient Service Manager
Gustavo Daniel
Gustavo DanielAudit & Tax Intern