Business Tax Services


Business Tax Services Designed to Protect Your Profits

There is no question that taxation is an extremely complex and dynamic field in today’s business environment, especially in the U.S. where the tax regime has evolved into one of the most complex tax systems in the entire developed world. Simply staying compliant can be challenging enough for many businesses, let alone trying to effectively manage tax exposure. With high business income tax rates, the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), sales and use taxes, payroll taxes, property taxes, excise taxes and a variety of other taxes from the federal to the local level, business taxation in the U.S. is usually loaded with challenges and pitfalls.

To survive and prosper in today’s competitive business environment, business owners and managers need their CPA firm to not only keep them compliant, but actually manage their tax exposure. They need a team of specialists who can identify and help them implement successful strategies that keep their hard-earned business profits from being eroded by taxes. And they need service that is professional and responsive to their needs.

Business Tax Strategies & Services

  • Tax Preparation and Compliance – Preparation of business income, property, sales and use tax returns and other forms to help businesses stay compliant and avoid penalties.
  • Tax Planning – Analysis of exposure areas and development and implementation of effective strategies to help minimize tax.
  • State & Local Tax – Preparation and planning for multi-state businesses, as state and local tax laws vary widely from one jurisdiction to another.
  • Tax Credits & Incentives – Investigation of potential tax benefits that may be business activity or location specific, including R&D, Jobs, Construction, Film and Entertainment, and others.
  • IRS & State Tax Resolution – Representation and resolution of tax notices and penalties with collection matters and in audits.

Don’t risk exposure to business tax penalties or substantially overpaying taxes. Get expert assistance.

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