Business Valuation Services


Assessing the Value of Your Business

Whether you own a closely-held or multi-generation family business or even a start-up company, it’s important to think about how to maximize your business’s value for the future. By understanding the value drivers of your business, you can make the decisions necessary to obtain full potential value when it comes time to transition your ownership.

Business valuation is also an important component of many tax and lending matters. IRS and other tax authorities require a well-developed business valuation report from a qualified independent appraiser to support certain transfers.

Situations that May Benefit from Business Valuation Services include:

  • Business Sales – Determining current and target values for a business sale ahead of time can help business owners determine how to maximize value on a sale. From the buyer’s perspective, avoiding overpaying and optimizing asset allocations can have huge impact.
  • Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreements – Establishing accurate values can help ensure a smooth and fair buyout.
  • Estate & Gift Tax – It’s critical to have a qualified business appraisal to minimize tax exposure while meeting compliance needs, whether gifting family limited partnership or other business shares under a succession plan or leaving them through an estate or trust. Opportunities to save tax can be huge, but these transactions are generally subject to a high degree of IRS scrutiny.
  • C-to-S Corporation Conversions – Built-in-gains tax can create a large amount of tax exposure for corporations shifting from Subchapter C to S status, making proper valuation and allocations key.
  • Equity Awards – Closely-held businesses need to be able to support the values of stock or other equity unit awards for tax purposes, which impacts not only the company’s tax exposure but the employee recipient also.
  • SBA Loans – The Small Business Administration often requires an independent business appraisal when guaranteeing a loan.

Don’t miss big opportunities to capitalize on business value. For more information on how we can address your valuation needs, contact one of our Certified Valuation Analysts.

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