CoNexusCPA Can Strengthen Your Internal Controls

As technology improves, so do cyberattack efforts. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), “Since January 2015, there has been a 1,300 percent increase in identified exposed losses, now totaling over $3 billion.” This makes prevention and detection more difficult for businesses. Although difficult, having strong internal controls is important. [...]

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Internal Controls: Protecting Your Company Against Executive Impersonation

When thinking about cyber and fraud attacks, people tend to picture a malicious software or bug clinging to company files and acquiring all of the company’s information. However, fraud and cyber attacks have become easier. So easy that now your boss can be the one to trigger an attack. This happens through a cyberattack called [...]

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Join Our Team

CoNexusCPA, recently named as one of the 2017 Best Places to Work in Georgia by Georgia Trend magazine, is a tightly knit group of certified public accounting professionals who work closely with clients, nationwide. We pride ourselves on our specialized expertise and prompt, courteous service. If you are a professional dedicated to meeting deadlines, consider [...]

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Automate Bill Approval and Payments to Grow Your Business

Large organizations have automated systems with built-in checks and balances to assist in the approval, vetting and payment of their accounts payable invoices. If you are like most small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs), these systems are too expensive for you. As a result, your accounts payable workflow probably goes like this: You receive a paper invoice or [...]

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CoNexusCPA Filed 4,812 Tax Returns for 2016

CoNexusCPA would like to thank its clients for another great tax season. CoNexusCPA filed 2,124 federal tax returns and 2,688 state tax returns for a total of 4,812 2016 tax returns on behalf of our clients. We thank you for your business.

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Recent Changes to Georgia’s Film, Television and Digital Entertainment Tax Credit (House Bill 199)

Georgia’s film, television and digital entertainment tax credit laws described in the April 2017 CoNexusCPA newsletter have been amazingly successful. A recent article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports Georgia is now the number one location in the world for feature film production. In response, Georgia’s legislature recently took action to expand the tax credit [...]

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Reduce Your Tax Bill with Unused Film Tax Credits

From big budget films like those in Marvel’s “The Avengers” franchise to hit TV shows like “The Walking Dead,” it’s hard not to notice all the movies and TV shows being produced in Georgia. A February 2017 Atlanta Business Chronicle article ranked Georgia the No. 3 state in the U.S. for movie and TV production [...]

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