Individual Tax Services


Tax Planning Services Designed to Save Money

Individual tax laws are often confusing, especially if you have investments, rental properties, or operate a business. Keeping current with the ever-changing tax rules at the federal level and from state-to-state is a complicated and time consuming process. The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) adds another layer of complexity. With current combined federal/state income tax rates as high as 50% in some cases, failure to manage tax exposure can quickly erode your income and savings.

To ensure you take advantage of available tax benefits while still managing to avoid penalties, seek the assistance of a professional with tax filings and planning.

Tax Services Include:

  • Tax Return Preparation – Tax specialists ensure that you are compliant with all federal and state tax filings while taking advantage of available deductions, credits, exclusions and other benefits and avoiding tax penalties in filing your individual returns.
  • Tax Planning – Customized tax planning tailored to develop and align tax strategies with your current situation and to help you can reach financial goals faster.
  • Tax Credits & Incentives – Guidance on the use of an evolving range of tax credits and other incentives, many of which allow for transferability to individual taxpayers. Tax specialists dedicated to staying informed on these incentives can help you find and take advantage of available options.
  • Retirement Planning – Careful evaluation of the various IRAs, life insurance, and other retirement savings vehicles available to help you determine how much you’ll need as well as the development of a tax-efficient savings plan to achieve those goals.
  • Estate Planning – Strategies to protect your family from unnecessary estate and gift taxes through the design, implementation and maintenance of an effective estate plan as the years progress.
  • IRS & State Tax Resolution – Tax professionals with the required levels of skill and experience represent you before federal and state tax agencies in audit representation, resolving notices, and other collection matters.

Working with an experienced team to help manage your taxes can have huge impact, now and in the future. Don’t risk overexposure to individual taxes and penalties. Contact one of our Partners to learn how we can address your individual tax needs.