IRS Dispute Resolution


IRS Representation Services Designed to Protect the Taxpayer

Tax audits can be costly and intrusive experiences. IRS and state tax agents are trained to look for unreported income, challenge and disallow deductions, question values reported, and look for ways to assess additional taxes, penalties and interest. Frequently, tax notices and audit assessments are either wrong or interpreted in favor of the government. Tax authorities also have the power to use levies, liens, garnishments and other tools to aggressively collect assessed taxes.

Having a team of experienced professionals to explain your options and available protections is critical if you wind up with an audit or assessment. Various mechanisms exist under the law to level the playing field in tax disputes, including Appeals, Taxpayer Advocate Services, and Tax Court. Even when tax has been validly assessed options remain, including Installment Agreements, Innocent Spouse Relief and Offers-In-Compromise. Our team of CPAs has been protecting clients from unfair treatment by IRS and other tax authorities for decades.

Tax Representation Services

  • Audit Representation – Correspondence with tax authorities on behalf of clients, assistance with audit responses and filings, and protection to minimize audit exposure to tax, penalties, and interest.
  • Notice Resolution – Review of matching and other tax assessment notices and correspondence with tax authorities to resolve.
  • Penalty Abatements – Leveraging of reasonable cause, first-time abatement and other exception tools to get penalties reduced or eliminated.
  • Collections – Determination of relief mechanisms, preparation of filings and assistance with minimizing and deferring tax due after assessments.

Don’t risk costly and stressful outcomes by trying to fight tax audits and assessments on your own. Contact one of our Partners before it’s too late.