Services for Business

Tax and Accounting Services Tailored for Your Business Requirements

Accounting, tax planning and preparation are complex fields made more complicated by the rapid changes in business and tax legislation at the local, state and federal level. Finding and securing appropriate professional guidance is key for the business owner’s peace of mind. Identifying then maintaining the appropriate service and communications level assures compliance with mandates and guidelines and minimizing taxes and penalties.

As the size and earnings potential of the organization multiplies, savvy business owners seek guidance aligned with their plans for growth. While there are a multitude of providers available to service your needs, few bring the depth and breadth of expertise and collaborative and responsive service available from CoNexus.

Business Services Include:

Business Tax Planning:

Business Tax Services Designed to Protect Your Profits

There is no question that taxation is an extremely complex and dynamic field in today’s business environment, especially in the U.S.  where the tax regime has evolved into one of the most complex tax systems in the entire developed world. Simply staying compliant can be challenging enough for many businesses.


Outsourced Accounting:

Outsourced Accounting Services Provide CFO-like Oversight Without the Expense

Business administrative functions like accounting, bill payment and payroll are critical but time consuming and require substantial staff and resources. Small and medium-sized businesses often struggle to find cost-efficient ways to handle these duties properly. Business owners often don’t have time or expertise.  And high-level staff like controllers and CFOs.


Financial Statements:

Successful Businesses Demand Professionally Prepared Financial Statements

Financial statements are the dashboard businesses need in order to navigate properly. Without strong financial reporting and controls, a company cannot adequately measure its performance and financial position. Also, if the company has outside investors or creditors, there may be additional demands for transparency and accuracy in reporting…