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Use Business Tax Credits to Reduce Tax Liabilities

Legislative tax incentives encouraging certain investments and business activities are plentiful, but identifying the appropriate incentives and taking full advantage of them can be challenging. Most businesses are not aware of the savings opportunities available to them and wind up leaving big dollars on the table. Many businesses are already making investments or operating in ways that could generate savings, without even knowing it.

Georgia and most other states offer a wide range of incentives, largely designed to encourage spending in certain business sectors and locations. The federal government also offers an extensive range of tax incentives. In many cases credits and incentives can be claimed at both the federal and state level, but the rules and requirements for many of them can be quite complex.

Popular Incentives and Credits

  • Jobs Credits – Incentives at the federal and state level are based on hiring certain types of workers in certain locations. These credits are often tied to weak employment zones or economic sectors, but workforce training incentives are available as well.
  • Research and Development – Credits at the federal and state level are designed to encourage research into fields such as technology and healthcare to enhance various products and systems.
  • Real Estate Incentives – Tax credits and deductions exist for building or redeveloping property in certain zones, relocating a business headquarters, providing low-income housing and preserving historic properties. Additional incentives like cost segregation, enhanced depreciation provisions and favorable provisions in the tangible property regulations can make these projects even more attractive.
  • Section 199 Production Deduction – Federal incentives designed to boost U.S. domestic production exist for certain producers including manufacturers, builders and film studios.
  • Film and Entertainment – Substantial benefits designed to attract film and animation studios as well as video game developers are available in Georgia and many other states. Some of the credits associated with those productions can be transferable to other taxpayers at discounts, presenting a nice opportunity for individual taxpayers to pay their state tax at a discount.

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