Tax Planning Services

Tax Planning Services for Businesses and Individuals

While many individuals and businesses only think about income taxes during the March and April filing season, to be most effective tax planning should be conducted before year-end and at other times of the year as conditions and events dictate. Advanced planning allows for the ability to seize opportunities much better and optimize timing on certain decisions on everything from borrowing and investments to hiring decisions and budgeting.

When decisions are made with the guidance of an experienced tax professional, opportunities for tax savings can be realized. The team at CoNexus are often invited to assist clients in making even routine personal and business decisions in an effort to avoid tax pitfalls and reduce liabilities.

Tax Planning Services Include:


Business Tax Services Designed to Protect Your Profits

There is no question that taxation is an extremely complex and dynamic field in today’s business environment, especially in the U.S.  where the tax regime has evolved into one of the most complex tax systems in the entire developed world. Simply staying compliant can be challenging enough for many businesses.



Tax Planning Services Designed to Save Money

Individual tax laws are often confusing, especially if you have investments, rental properties, or operate a business. Keeping current with the ever-changing tax rules at the federal level and from state-to-state is a complicated and time consuming process. The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) adds another layer of complexity. With current…


Tax Credits & Incentives:

Use Tax Credits to Reduce Tax Liabilities

Legislative tax incentives encouraging certain investments and business activities are plentiful, but identifying the appropriate incentives and taking full advantage of them can be challenging.  Most businesses are not aware of the savings opportunities available to them and wind up leaving big dollars on the table.  Many businesses are already…