Tax Preparation Services

Tax Preparation Services for Businesses, Individuals, and Fiduciaries

With the ever-increasing complexity of today’s rapidly changing tax law, keeping on top of best practices for tax preparation is a momentous task for even the most seasoned professionals. In order to avoid pitfalls prudence must be paid to personal and organizational status changes with a keen eye for implications of new provisions as well as restrictions.

Engaging with a team of tax professionals who are constantly studying and applying tax law will help ensure accurate and timely preparation, filing and reporting. Select the professionals at CoNexus and find out what it means to engage with an organization where innovation, collaboration and responsiveness are daily focuses.

Tax Preparation Services Include:


Business Tax Services Designed to Protect Your Profits

There is no question that taxation is an extremely complex and dynamic field in today’s business environment, especially in the U.S.  where the tax regime has evolved into one of the most complex tax systems in the entire developed world. Simply staying compliant can be challenging enough for many businesses.



Tax Preparation Services Designed to Save Money

Individual tax laws are often confusing, especially if you have investments, rental properties, or operate a business. Keeping current with the ever-changing tax rules at the federal level and from state-to-state is a complicated and time consuming process. The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) adds another layer of complexity. With current…


Estates & Trusts:

Navigate Your Role as Executor or Trustee

Executors often face daunting challenges and complexities in administering estates.  Usually a close friend or family member is named as executor in a will because the decedent trusted him or her to carry out their wishes.  The role of executor can be a difficult, time-consuming and challenging job with imbedded risks…